The Lodge had 32 Founders comprising 17 Past Masters and 15 Brethren. They came from a variety of Lodges within the Province with 9 coming from the Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744 (the sponsoring Lodge) and nineteen other Lodges. The bond which the majority of the Founders had was that they were sportsmen the sports in question were Rugby Union Football (11 Members of Stoneygate F.C.), Golf and Cricket.

The Consecration took place in the Oliver Temple, London Road, Leicester on Tuesday 27th September 1988. The Ceremony was conducted by The Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Bro. Gayton C. Taylor, assisted by V. W. Bro. Thomas G. N. Stops, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and W. Bro. David S. Hurwood, Assistant Provincial Grand Master. The following Brethren also assisted, W. Bro. Leslie E. Hutchinson, Provincial Grand Secretary, W. Bro. Malcolm T. Whitmore, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, and 8 other Provincial Grand Officers. There were 17 Past Provincial Grand Officers, 31 Petitioners, 4 Worshipful Masters from other Lodges, 6 Past Masters and 45 Brethren.

The Lodge being 28 years old does not carry a deal of history. Membership from the original 32 has now risen to 52. We have so far Initiated 40 candidates since the Lodge was consecrated and a staggering 32 Brethren have joined. This averages just under three members per year, which is a good record for a Lodge meeting initially only 4 times per year, now increased to 7 times. One Ceremony is the Annual Installation. Of the 32 Founders only 9 remain.

However the Lodge is strongly represented by having 5 Grand Officers including Founder W. Bro. Peter C. Kinder Assistant Provincial Grand Master appointed in November 2010, joining member R. W. Bro. Michael H. Roalfe Past Provincial Grand Master (2003 to 2010), Founder W. Bro. Christopher G. Packham was Provincial Grand Treasurer 2002 to 2011 and Founder W. Bro. Anthony J. Wood was Provincial Grand Secretary from 2010 to 2014. All this gives a great wealth of knowledge and experience at all levels to both new Brethren and the various Officers working their way through the Offices within the Lodge.


W. Bro. Peter C. Kinder Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
W. Bro. Robert J. Orridge Lodge of the Flaming Torch No. 4874
Bro. Barry H. Herbert Albert Edward Lodge No. 1560
W. Bro. Christopher J. Hirst Holmes Lodge No. 4656
W. Bro. James H. Tilford Commercial Lodge No. 1391
W. Bro. R. David Brookhouse Rothley Temple Lodge No. 7801
W. Bro. Dennis W. Cave Lodge of the Flaming Torch No. 4874
W. Bro. Frank Blow Gateway Lodge No. 6513
W. Bro. Raymond J. Pollard Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
W. Bro. Roger A. Emmerson Guthlaxton Lodge No. 7717
W. Bro. Michael G. Langley Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
W. Bro. John H. Garratt Old Oakhamian Lodge No. 8033
W. Bro. A. Edward Gregory Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
W. Bro. Ronald Botting Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
W. Bro. Stephen C. Wegerif Grand Master’s No. 1
W. Bro. W. James Howard Old Oundelian Lodge No. 5682
W. Bro. Geoffrey B. Foden Holmes Lodge No. 4656
W. Bro. Richard M. Hallam Knighton Lodge No. 4711
Bro. Robert S. Hanks Vale of Castiard Lodge No. 7186
Bro. D. Robert Carter Commercial Lodge No. 1391
Bro. Martin R. Dearman Wyggeston Lodge No. 3448
Bro. Colin G. Cranmer Granite Lodge No. 2081
Bro. Christopher G. Packham Lodge Semper Eadem No. 3091
Bro. Gerald A. Dolman Halford Lodge No. 3919
Bro. Michael E. Coleman Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
Bro. J. Terrence Nicol Holmes Lodge No. 4656
Bro. Anthony R. Pollard Gateway Lodge No. 6513
Bro. Alan J. Miles Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
Bro. Roy Cockett Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
Bro. William F. Anderson Grey Friars Lodge No. 6803
Bro. Anthony J. Wood Lodge of Welcome No.5664
Bro. Christopher Oliver Humber Stone Lodge No. 7744
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